What you need to know…

I have:
Created this website from scratch and on my own
Choosen to create it in English because the 3rd and 4th year of the Global BBA are in the same language 
Done all of this from Sweden at the same time as my internship
Been inspired by my favorite socks for the color scheme choice of my website


You are... 


best French BBA 4-year program

Best European Business School

Unbeatable in.. 

  • Corporate Strategy – 9/10
  • Entrepreunership – 9/10
  • International Business – 9/10
  • Marketing – 9/10

I am... 





Create a company

Establish a complete business plan and visual profile before the end of 2019


Improve my Toefl score

Attain at least 105 at the next Toefl exam that I planned to do on June.

Travel in Asia

Organize by my own a 1-month roadtrip in Asia for summer 2020


Improve my level in PREMIERE pro

Create a video showing my
3-months experience in Sweden


I like working fast. To deliver good work quickly, I need to be efficient and precise.
For years I have been working on my organizational skills. Thanks to patience and training I can define myself today as an organized person.

To illustrate this statement:
3 months before flying to Sweden, I was working for my studies, as a crew member at McDonald’s (15 hours per week), as a Hostess at Profil, and also as a sale advisor on weekends at Swarovski. Finally I have succeeded in my exams and earned enough money to travel all around Sweden and the surrounding area.



I always want to learn new ways of working, new tools and new techniques.
It permits me to be very open minded and to trully want to improve my knowledge about everything I am interested in.

This is especially true about culture, sustainability, and art.



start of the school year in








...and funny sometimes

My Objective / Your Offer... 



Tomorrow I could be

your future ambassador!